Thank you for hiring 99BusinessWebsites to build your website. To get started we need specific details, photos, etc. about your business. We have divided our data request into two categories: “Text” and “Media”. Follow all instructions below to submit your business information.

NOTE: Not all of the information and files we need from you can be collected with these forms. During your initial phone consultation with one of our agents you’ll be informed what additional details/files we require.


Use the 6 part forms below to send us the “text” information we need to build your website. The marked-up (A-L) screenshot image above each form is provided to help you visualize the section of the web page where the information you submit will be added. For additional help you can view our live website demo by clicking here.

To get started just click/tap on each part (1-6) below. 

Submission Form – Part 1 of 6

Submission Form – Part 2 of 6
NOTE: When a visitor clicks on one of the icons, a window will open containing the related information about your business.

Submission Form – Part 3 of 6
TIP: Enter your top three services. Each service will be featured with an image you provided or we can provide a generic image.

Submission Form – Part 4 of 6
TIP: Excluding your previously listed 3 top services, use this form to list the titles and brief description of your other services.

Submission Form – Part 5 of 6

Note: Your website can accept credit/debit card payments for any amount. You will need to have a PayPal business account for us to enable this option.

Submission Form – Part 6 of 6


Below you’ll find information and file upload options regarding the multimedia data (photos, images, audio, video) files we need from you to build your website. To get started just click/tap on each of the parts (1-6) below and follow the instructions.

Description: The “header photo/image” is inserted at the very top of your website and is the first thing visitors see on your site. Due to variable image sizing considerations for desktop and mobile we will not request from you any photo files for the headers at this time. Instead we will discuss with you by phone the header photo requirements.

Description: Use your smartphone or desktop computer to record a maximum 60 second audio message (file) and we will add it to your websites audio player. If you do not want to add audio to your website select that option on the form.

Description: Your website will list all your services with descriptions but you get to display three feature services with a description AND a photo. Use the form below to submit a photo for each of the three featured services. Note: Images of the same size and orientation work best.

Description: When you hire us to build your website you’ll receive a private link to upload the photos you want included within your photo gallery.

Description: If you have a specific video hosted with YouTube and want it to appear on your website, enter the YouTube video link into the text box below.

Description: Use this form to send us any additional files for your website i.e. your business logo.

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