Website Info Submission Forms

I have tried to make it very easy and visual for anyone to submit the information, photos, etc., I will need to build a website. Below you’ll find a title and an image of each website section (11 in total), along with a “view form” link.  Click on the link to display a form that will allow you to submit the necessary information I will need to customize that specific section for your website. NOTE: We recommend you use/view this web page from a desktop computer or at least a tablet. A mobile screen may seem too small. Any questions or problems you can call: 646-555-1212

1 - Header


Description: The header image is what people will notice first when visiting your website.
Help/Tips: Due to the many variables and importance of your header image choice, instead of providing a form here for you to submit your image I will talk to you on the phone about your options. 

2 - Audio


Description: Your website can talk and with your voice. You have the option to include a 60 second audio message with your website.
Help/Tips: If needed, I can instruct you on how to record an audio message with your smartphone or desktop computer.

3 - Business Name & Intro

Business Name & Intro

Description: Your full business name, subtitle, slogan and brief introduction (business summary) will be added to this section
Help/Tips: If possible we will do what we can to replicate any specific fonts/typestyle you use for your business name.

4 - Info Bar

Info Bar

Description: Clicking on an info bar icon will open a popup window with information about/for your business.
Help/Tips: About = Brief profile about your business. Contact = All contact info for your business. Follow = All your business social media links. Hours = Days and hours your business is open. Quote = If necessary a form for customers to request a quote for your services.

5 - Featured Services


Description: Name, description and photo of your three most popular/important services you offer.
Help/Tips: The photos you submit should all be in the same orientation (landscape) and the same size.

6 - Additional Services

Additional Services

Description: Name, description and photo of  the services you offer.
Help/Tips: The photos you submit should all be in the same orientation (landscape) and the same size.

7 - Projects


Description: Photos and project details for three work projects you completed.
Help/Tips: The photos you submit should all be in the same orientation (landscape) and the same size.

8 - Photos / Video

Additional Services

Description: A collection of photos of  past work, employees, equipment, business location, etc. If you choose, a YouTube video can be added to this photo gallery.
Help/Tips: The photos you submit can be of different orientation and size however same orientation images display best. To use a YouTube video you must provide the link.

9 - Testimonials


Description: Name, city/town and testimonial of up to six satisfied customers. 
Help/Tips: Testimonial has the option to include a photo of the customer. If no photo is provided a gender appropriate silhouette will be used.

10 - Location


Description: You have the option to share a Google map of your business location.
Help/Tips: Provide the complete address of your business location.

11 - Payment


Description: You can accept debit/credit card payments from your customers online.
Help/Tips: You must have a PayPal business account to add this feature to your website.

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